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Our Mission

To materialize the global prayer of Bhitai and to work toward setting up of International Sindhi Sufi University in the US and Europe.

Towards the vision of 21st century Sindh of 5000 years of Indus Valley Civilization (from whose archaeological sites not a single weapon was found except stamps of bull, of bush of wheat grains, statutes of a dancing girl, King Priest, children’s toys ), to make Sindh stand responsibly tall  among the progressive global  communities including the United States.

To build bridges between Sindhi people/people of Sindh’s origins and the international community (especially  the United States, the  United Nations and the European Union) through public diplomacy, scholarship, research, defending human rights, media, education, person to person contact, culture, art, literary and education events, exchange programs, conferences,  Sufi melas (festivals), media arts, studies, fellowships, participation and partnerships among government and civil society sectors.

To strengthen and promote inter-racial, inter-religious, inter-faith, and inter-cultural harmony among Sindhis and the rest of the global community, especially of the United States.

To bring a social change and promote openness and freedom of thought and expression among Sindhi people and Sindhi society, especially through empowerment of women, religious and sexual minorities, marginalized communities, and persecuted scholars, academics, civil society to retrieve original Sufi Sindhi discourse.

The re-settlement of survivors of torture and of battered women.

To change minds of Sindhi society towards honor killings and homophobia.

To create, recreate, and retrieve alternative narrative and discourse in media/print/electronic/social and Sindhi society against radicalism.

What We Will Do

Convene art, literary, education, music and poetry Sindh events/conferences Sufi melas (festivals).

Host Sindhi art exhibitions and exchange of arts of artists and artists/bursaries and fellowships.

Publish books and monographs on Sindhi Sufism, Sufi poetry.

Produce media arts (films and documentaries).

Preserve and record the oral history of Sindh and struggle of its people (Sindh’s social and political movements), memoirs from the milestone/pioneers of Sindhi renaissance.

In order to promote human rights and democracy in Sindh, Sindhi Sufism /Pluralism production and promoting of literature, art, poetry, exchanges of similar material through translations.

Publish a periodic online journal on Sindh.

Grant fellowship to independent and off the beaten track journalists working in far flung areas of Sindh to give them exposure and opportunities to the access of treasure of exchange of experiences to work with mainstream American media.

Grant fellowships to the Sindh’s civil society activists to work and having exposure with US think tanks and academic institutions in the US.

Grant fellowships to Global journalists/academics/ researchers/human rights activists to research in Sindh on Sindh issues and social sciences and Sindhi Sufism.

Watchdog human rights abuses in Sindh, closely monitoring, documenting, reporting and disseminating them among the international community through an annual report.

Achieve the above human rights goal to build Sindh’s human rights data base.

Grant fellowships to journalists, academics, civil society activists to work on fresh perspective toward openness and free thought and pluralism in Sindh, especially to women and members of above mentioned marginalized communities and women.