Sindhi Foundation is completely operated by volunteers and interns. We appreciate your cooperation, support and help with any of the following:

Reach out: Writing an article about Sindhi Foundation’s efforts in media, electronic media and general media, Contribute your research work which is appropriate to Sindhi Foundation’s mission and vision. Organize an event in community, campus or any other forums.

Fundraising:  Sindhi Foundation is a registered tax exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit, all contributions will be tax deductible. Event planning for fundraising.

Translation:  We need people who translate from Sindhi, Urdu, Balochi, Punjabi, Seraki, Pashtu or any other language in to English, French, Spanish, Arabic  or any other widely spoken language, regarding Sindh and Sindhis.

Build the Network: Build the network through the word of mouth,  list serves, groups, press, newsletters.

Database of Human Rights abuses in Sindh:  Help to establish a database of political, economic, social, and cultural deprivations perpetrated against Sindhis in Sindh.


To apply, send an email describing how you could contribute to the Sindhi Foundation and what is your expectation from the Sindhi Foundation.

About Sindhi Foundation:

Sindhi Foundation is a global advocacy, education and charity organization meant to build bridges among international communities on pluralism (Sindhi Sufism), Sindhi culture, art, literature, human rights,  media, academic freedoms and freedoms of the press of Sindh and the welfare of its people, especially of vulnerable, marginalized, and indigenous communities, religious and sexual minorities, within geographical boundaries of today’s Pakistan and of people of Sindhi origins living throughout the world.

Contact: Sufi Laghari


202-378-0333 (M)