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Sindh’s Strength is the World’s Strength

Sindhi Foundation is a global advocacy, education and charity organization meant to build bridges among international communities on pluralism (Sindhi Sufism), Sindhi culture, art, literature, human rights,  media, academic freedoms and freedoms of the press of Sindh and the welfare of its people, especially of vulnerable, marginalized, and indigenous communities, religious and sexual minorities, within geographical boundaries of today’s Pakistan and of people of Sindhi origins living throughout the world. Strengthening Sindh’s growth and ability to stand among the progressive and peace loving communities in the global family with participation, partnership and assistance, understanding, friendship, and free thought based on the Bhitai’s lines (Global prayer):

‫سانئينم سدائين ڪرين مٿي سنڌ سڪار

دوس مٺا دلدار عالم سڀ آباد ڪرين

O Lord, may you always shower happiness over Sindh

O Sweet Friend, may you make the whole world abundant

-Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai

In other words: Sindh’s strength is the World’s strength.